About me

welcome to The DeDeuh Factory,

Gift designer birth and other personalized occasions

Accessories for babies (from premature), children, adults. 

Chez The DeDeuh Factory you will find items unique, which only you will have, thanks to the many choices of customizations available.
What you seek, you find.
And if this is not the case, you can always contact me via chat or by email for special requests.
Here everything is handmade in my small workshop at home, which guarantees you a quality that you will not find elsewhere.
 I take care of all the stages of manufacturing your item, from the choice of fabrics (or towels) to the production, then the packaging and sending it. 
The handmade also includes MANUFACTURING TIMES, currently:
▪︎5 to 7 days for embroidered towels
▪︎ 1 to 2 weeks for turbans, hats, sets, bath out...
Thank you for your understanding.
 It all started in 2017, before the birth of my first child, and it was while making props for him that I said: "and why not this throw!" 
So after many adventures (and misadventures) this story began. Today I offer you articles that you can personalize as you wish, unique, handmade. I attach great importance to making you have a good time on my store and providing you with a good experience through your orders. 
Your satisfaction is my priority!
Don't forget that you can contact me for any special requests (customization not available on the shop, fabric you would like in another model, or any other requests)
You can contact me via chat or email and we will see together what is possible.

 I do my best to make the colors of the photos as close to reality, despite everything, there may be a slight difference depending on the screen you are using (computer, tablet, phone,...) and if you have activated the blue light filter.         
 Thank you for your understanding and enjoy your visit to the store. 

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